Dr. Ruth Wilson

Dr Ruth Wilson was born in Louisville, KY where she has been a longtime resident. She is the Pastor and founder of Shekinah Glory International Ministries. She is a true woman of faith, who meets no strangers; author of eight books; non-fiction and spiritual.

She is the epitome of a volunteer in our local community having volunteered for Dare to Care for fifteen years, and even having the opportunity to assist young children increase their reading skills in our local school district. She even goes a step further and encourages our young teenagers to be the best they can be and to know their self-worth no matter what others may say. She spent over twenty-six years encouraging men and women in our local jails and state prisons throughout the state of KY; letting them know their current situation doesn’t define who they are.

Pastor Ruth has also spent years going to the hospital encouraging and uplifting the sick and even going out in our local community to feed the homeless.

Pastor Ruth Wilson is a selfless person that will go the extra mile to help anyone in need; whether it’s taking time to sit on the ground in the middle of Times Square with a homeless woman; then taking her back to her hotel to shower, giving her new fresh clothing and feeding her; to maxing out credit cards to buy clothes and toys for children of incarcerated parents. She doesn’t mind sacrificing to make sure that others have

She has received several community awards including the Ross E Jessup award for her unselfish devotion to those incarcerated, the R.C Watts community excellence award; as well as the Metro Counsel naming a day in her honor.

Believing that nothing is beyond the reach of determination; her favorite saying is “I will die empty having fulfilled my divine purpose” and she is definitely on the road to achieving this goal..