Loretta Davis

Meet Loretta Davis, a mother of three and proud grandmother to 5 beautiful grandchildren. A graduate of Tiffin University, earning her bachelor's degree in criminal justice. She is also known to many as the founder of a women's group called, women's empowerment of Cincinnati. As well as Broken into Beautiful, which was branded in 2020 to allow those who have suffered trauma to know that all things broken can be made beautiful. Loretta has survived and overcame many obstacles starting at an early age including physical and sexual assault and being in foster care. Its those moments that has allowed Loretta to form a personal relationship with the Lord. As years went on Loretta was still facing tough challenges, one major being in 2009. Loretta was given 2 days to live , but was also given a second chance at life by having a liver transplant days following the bad news .Those rough and uncertain challenges helped ignite a passion in Loretta towards building a brand for herself, allowing her to learn what it means to be resilient. And within that time of rebuilding herself and new brand Loretta also used those experiences to practice motivational speaking, empowerment, advocacy, and life coaching services within her organization and community. Loretta gained a new philosophy that has helped her in empowering women and coaching them so that can too reach phenomenal levels in their lives. Teaching others around her that even a life changing event delivers a powerful passionate statement of survival and determination. She has dedicated her life to helping women overcome tough obstacles that may hinder their full potential and true purpose. As well as working with at risk families, she has been able to provide case management and mentoring services to young women. During a special summers program Loretta has been recognized for providing over $10,000 hours of volunteer services to her community. She wishes to continue to implement all of these healthy measures within her community and organizations to help keep all women and children safe and resilient..